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So I think I’ve decided to abandon Acid and switch to Cubase SX. Acid’s been kind to me, but after being frustrated with mixing the other day for the kabillionth time, I tried to mix some of my old tracks in Cubase and sweet Jesus was it ever nicer. I had gotten used to having a one second delay every time I change an EQ setting in Acid and in Cubase it’s instant. INSTANT!

But the interface is batty. I just have no clue what’s going on. I managed to import some old audio files and horse around with them, but the idea of actually writing a track in there is a little daunting. The simplicity of Acid was mostly what I liked about it and Cubase seems like Acid’s more complicated older brother that’s been translated into German and back a couple of times.

Posted on - October 4, 2002 [at] 3:53 pm by Brad
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