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I have been told that you can now trade Brad Sucks shares on Blogshares.

I apparently currently have two shareholders and I take my responsibility to them very seriously. battybaby and Pete, I will not let you down, whoever you are.

Posted on - June 5, 2003 [at] 8:52 am by Brad
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Here is a funny comic called Recording Artists Safety Guide To the Beach.

Posted on - June 3, 2003 [at] 2:32 am by Brad
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I ordered Cubase SX Complete on the weekend. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the Cubase SX Power! book I bought and am hoping this one is better. The folks in the Cubase forums seem to indicate it is. You can never own too many manuals would be my motto if I didn’t own too many manuals.

Of interest on the site to other Cubase users though, is the Cubase SX Complete Beginners’ Guide, which is a stripped down PDF version of the book with all the advanced stuff cut out.

I also found the Cubase SX Key Commands template in Excel format to be pretty handy, though I need to get them printed out somewhere, I think.

Posted on - June 3, 2003 [at] 2:20 am by Brad
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