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Interesting interview with Liam Howlett (the guy behind The Prodigy) up on the Propellerheads site. He talks about switching from working with a studio full of gear to a laptop with Reason on it and the creative freedom that brought him.

Posted on - January 19, 2004 [at] 2:43 pm by Brad
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Mah buddy Scott Andrew posted some demos and has vowed to fight back perfectionism and post a demo a month this year. He’s cheating of course by his demos sounding really good as they are.

Posted on - January 19, 2004 [at] 1:08 am by Brad
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I’ve made the pivotal career decision to stay home and play with my new broadband connection rather than go to Songposium. I was kind of interested in going, but I’m even more interested in playing video games online and drinking beer. I truly believe this will be an important weekend for my development as a songwriter nonetheless.

Thanks to everyone who offered up their comments on which of my tracks suck the least and also thanks to the crazy guy for his crazy rant from crazy land.

Posted on - January 16, 2004 [at] 4:28 pm by Brad
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I’m a couple of days late, but apparently Ring Tones Are Bringing in Big Bucks:

The worldwide sale of ring tones, which started as a marketing gimmick for music labels and mobile phone companies, is roughly equivalent to 10 percent of the $32.2 billion global music market.

That’s pretty crazy. I wonder if there’s a market for original ringtone compositions.

I just got a cell phone a couple of months ago and I just psychologically can’t bring myself to spend even a small amount of money on ringtones. And the phone seems to have no facility for importing or creating my own (I was briefly interested in the idea of creating ringtone versions of my own songs), so the whole ringtone phenomenon is kind of dead and bizarre to me.

Posted on - January 16, 2004 [at] 12:28 pm by Brad
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Oh dear lord I have broadband now and I’m so happy. 150k/s download speeds, there is no emoticon powerful enough to express the joy I am feeling so 8D will have to do.

Posted on - January 15, 2004 [at] 8:56 pm by Brad
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So I have the opportunity to go to Songposium 2003/04 which is described as “An intensive one-day workshop for songwriters presented by the Songwriters Association of Canada.” Sounds intensive! And Canadian!

I’ve been told that a) you can bring one song with four lyric sheets and some Canadian songwriting experts will tell you what stinks about your song and b) the guy who wrote “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, recorded by Pat Benetar will be on the panel. Meaning I could potentially get one of my songs dissed by the guy who wrote “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, recorded by Pat Benetar, which would be quite the notch in the belt. I wonder if he finds it funny when people yell “Fire awaAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAYYYYYY” at him. I bet he does.

So the big question I guess is what song I should take to potentially get dissed. I have until Saturday to decide. Any suggestions?

Posted on - January 14, 2004 [at] 7:34 pm by Brad
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Almost a year ago I signed up for wireless broadband and finally after so very long of having my faith and hope slowly eroded by delays, they’re allegedly coming to install it TOMORROW. I basically am totally excited and am running around in little circles like an ass. I’ve been on 26.4k dialup for so so long and I will be so very freaking happy to move into the era of broadband awesomeness.

Posted on - January 14, 2004 [at] 10:13 am by Brad
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MY 200 BUBBLE MAILERS FINALLY ARRIVED FROM OFFICEMAX. It has been almost exactly one month since my first order for these was placed.

Also Canada Post raised shipping to the States by 15 cents. Ouch, my nuts, stop kicking them.

Posted on - January 13, 2004 [at] 7:20 pm by Brad
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I had a $100 gift certificate at Best Buy for buying my cell phone the other month and today I decided to cash it in on an LG Super Multi DVD Writer, which seems to burn all the current crazy formats.

I decided I wanted one of these things after I was going to drag out the source files for my album and realized it took up 4 CDs and for a few minutes I couldn’t find one of them.

Posted on - January 11, 2004 [at] 10:14 pm by Brad
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Notes From the Underground is an interesting article written by a subway musician about his experiences.

His list of three suggestions for musicians are: 1. Drop the price of CDs, 2. Branch out and 3. Embrace file-sharing. I more or less agree with all of those and I think have tried to do them all, so hooray, merit points for me. (I still find mostly gay porn when I search for ‘brad sucks’ on Kazaa or Shareaza though.)

A comment on point #1: after selling a lot of CDs myself at his recommended price of $5, I’m not sure how important that was in selling the CDs. I did it because I just wanted my music out there and realized I could sell my CD at $5 with shipping included and not lose money. I think that’s what they call “desperation”.

I wish I had a way to know how my CD would have sold if it was $6 or $10 or $20. If I ask, most people deny that they would have paid a penny more, obviously because they’d rather get it for $5 – and I can’t blame them. It’d be even better if they could get it for $2.50 or a shiny nickel, but what people want to pay for things and what they actually cost aren’t usually the same numbers an economy has told me.

Anyhow, I don’t really have a point other than to say after my experiences I’m not convinced the price is all that important. Regular people (ie. non-musicians and other people who don’t care about the RIAA) didn’t seem too wowed by my $5 price. I was hoping they’d be all “OH MY GOD, FIVE DOLLARS WITH SHIPPING INCLUDED, HOW COULD I *NOT* BUY THIS??” but that hasn’t happened much. At times I’ve gotten the impression that the unusually low price makes them worried they’re getting tricked somehow, but the confusion makes it easier to subdue and rob them though, so I guess it all works out.

Posted on - January 8, 2004 [at] 5:58 pm by Brad
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