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Matt points out a funny blog phenomenon with the replies to this Overhaulin’ post, where people are acting as though the author of the blog is actually somehow related to the TV show.

I don’t have anything as cool as that, but I’ve been meaning to point out that, judging by the comments, my blog seems to have become the #1 resource for disgruntled OfficeMax customers and employees due to this rant I posted back in January.

Posted on - May 19, 2004 [at] 10:40 am by Brad
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50 Comments on this post

Ryan on OfficeMax Sucks
May 19, 2004 at 4:27 pm

It’s absolutely amazing what people will post when they think that you’re someone famous.

For instance, people seem convinced that I’m Maury Povich and love to beg me to let them on my show:

Beth on OfficeMax Sucks
November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

Omg. I just ran accross this when searchin for somethin else. And i just cant believe what im reading.

Iv been workin at officemax for about a year in a half, and i will admit that service could be a little better, and prices are a bit high. But its pretty much like that no matter where you go.

For those who bash the customer service, come on. You’r all bein assholes. Why dont you go and work there for a while. Most of us try our best. I know i do at least.

And prices?? Look at the economy people. I mean, everyone has crappy prices. If your going to sit around and complain like babies why dont you do somethin about it, go somewhere else, or think before you buy.

Also, for those who work for officemax right now and are bashing it, then get another job. And if ya CANT get another job somewhere, then just be thankful you have one, and make the best you can out of the situation.

Beth on OfficeMax Sucks
November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

And to Maui princess. I read what you said and i really am sorry about your experience.

Whoever you talked to, they sould have lissoned to what you where saying. Your right, for what you wanted, you didn’t need a 200 doller shredder. I mean, most people dont. lol. That associate obviously didn’t know what they were doing.

And as for the warranties; if ya buy it, it picks up AFTER the manufactures warranty, for some people it works well cause you get several years of coverage. Cause if it breaks, you get your money back.

I am sorry for such a bad experience.

Devin on OfficeMax Sucks
September 20, 2004 at 11:44 pm

Yea, well, you still are #1 pagerank for google with the search string “Officemax Sucks” so good luck getting them to leave you alone.

Brian on OfficeMax Sucks
April 24, 2006 at 12:31 am

Dude i fucking walked in to office max picked up a 56/57 combo pack stuck it in my jacket walked out the door the alarm went off and a manager said go ahead your all set. LMAO!

jack me off on OfficeMax Sucks
January 12, 2007 at 3:57 pm

Yeah they always flag me away especially in Arizona’s officemax stores! lmfao! Officemax should be sold!!

Sam on OfficeMax Sucks
February 21, 2007 at 6:10 pm

Back in early March, I wrote about the big debit card breach that had taken place and the cover up by the credit card companies surrounding it. Of course, by now we have learned that it seems OfficeMax was keeping PIN numbers from debit cards (among other information they should not have been keeping), and somehow that information was hacked. Well in an ironic twist, I received a new ATM card from Wachovia today, stating that according to VISA it was very possible my debit card information was compromised. Can you believe, it only took them 3 and half months to get me a new card. I guess they just didn’t think it that important.

Back when I wrote this, it never occurred to me that I use OfficeMax and I was writing about the compromise of my own debit card. Now I have to go back over the last 3 months and really make sure there are no bogus charges there. I am looking forward to reading about the fine OfficeMax had to pay for this incident.

joe on OfficeMax Sucks
May 17, 2007 at 7:40 pm

You are a complete idiot to think that companies do this, you letter writing waste of space it is abundantly obvious that you are a 45 year old unemployed loser that still lives with your mommy if you had worked a legitimate job anytime in you life you would clearly not suck in everyway possible. Move out of your mom’s house, get a job, and for christ’s sake get a life.

John on OfficeMax Sucks
May 29, 2007 at 7:05 pm

Recently I went to OFFICE MAX. A small roll of brown celophane tape was over $8…. no kidding! There was no brown paper tape with glue on. One tiny roll was $4+. I’ve noticed that everyone reduced the length of the tape dramatically while increasing price dramatically. Are tape producing companies sooooo greedy today? 10 yeasrs ago I used to buy a big healthy roll of brown sticky tape for $1 per roll. Now the same but much shorter roll is $4 to $8. Crazy? I think many items sold at places like STAPLES or OFFICE MAX are a total rip-off. And the staff is often ignorant and even rude.

Cynthia on OfficeMax Sucks
May 29, 2007 at 7:09 pm

Beware of some companies in the US. They will charge you many times more than your original order is in hopes that you will never notice the charge on your bank statement. If you notice, they apologize and issue a refund, which takes a bunch of days to receive, but they will keep on trying even with the same customer.

Tom on OfficeMax Sucks
June 11, 2007 at 9:56 pm

May 29th, 2007 at 7:09 pm :

you are absolutely right. officeamx has many stores in arizona have done that with cheap warranties on small items or the best one is strong arming the customer to buy it or couldn’t return it at all. both of which are not solid options. many have been fired, many more to come.

Mike on OfficeMax Sucks
January 2, 2008 at 12:46 pm

Dude, I totally hate OfficeMax. Shitty customer service, people have bad attitudes. Went to a store in Detroit and almost got assaulted by the security guard. The think OfficeMax is racist.

Waldo on OfficeMax Sucks
January 6, 2008 at 1:48 am

I work for Omax. Trust me when I say that we do not have the customers best interests at heart. Everything from Max Assurance to our fake leather chairs are a ripoff. Spend your money on quality! We only strive to give the appearance thereof.

Joe on OfficeMax Sucks
August 25, 2008 at 5:11 am

OfficeMax does suck ass. I can honestly vouch for the rest of the workers. I never stepped foot in there, until I started work there. lol. Well I dont hate the store itself just the people who think they are the top shit. like for example Brad this person operates in a whole new level and expect the rest of the store to follow. yeah sure. in time. But damn it. the way they treat us workers like we’re shit, nothing compared to them. Ever heard of Club Max? well thats a little all expense paid trip to god knows where for all the “Product Replacement Plans” we sell! not only does the district manager but the top 13 store managers also, plus the assistant manager get 1,000 dollars cash. These pricks get a free ride off our sweat. Fuck that. If I totalled my “PRP” It will show how much money I brought into the company from my sweat. year to date I made 28,000 out out of that much I probably received a little over 3,000 which is before taxes.

I think the only reason why some of the workers are still working for OfficeMax is because they’re stupid. Im glad that I left that fuckin hell hole. Brad you suck, and the rest of the management team, fuck you guys for treating me and everyone like shit.

Maui princess on OfficeMax Sucks
August 25, 2008 at 5:27 am

I went into OfficeMax the other day and there was a promotion in one of there adds and I wanted to buy this shredder and I was approached by this sales person who kept asking me personal question about why Im here? and what Im looking for in a shredder. I told the guy I just want one for my home/office and he showed me the most biggest most expensive one there. Im a 22 year old gal from Kula. I dont need a $200 dollar shredder. then he showed me the one below that. so I got fed up with his work down technique and I asked to speak to a manager. Low and behold. I made the wrong descision and this guy with rings around his eyes kept asking me the same question. he never gave me the chance to speak. so I told him nevermind and I’ll find one on my own and he kept by my side, he then pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and pitched this warranty, he told me that I wouldn’t be able to return the shredder if it was broken. I asked him to leave me alone and he did. Im guessing they were talking about me over their walkie talkies and when I carried my $70 dollar shredder to the cashier and this older woman asked me if i wanted to buy their warranty when the damn product is already covered by the maker. I thought to myself and said *Wow* they even have grandma trying to scam me. OfficeMax is a brain washing/scamming/ price gauging store. Shoppers Beware!!!

talkstoomuch1962 on OfficeMax Sucks
December 10, 2008 at 2:46 pm

I was traumatized today when I went to Office Max to mail some letter writing materials to my incarcerated Son. He is in for DWIx2. I felt victimized that after paying for the items to send,the shipping charge was $15.00. My employer spends about 500.00 per month on supplies for our office. I am so angry I am going to see about switching to Staples.I should not have to pay that much above the fair market cost to ship an item. SHAME ON YOU!!! Tim May the company president should create a better more fair way to encourage business in this sector by creating paper item packages and scaling the cost of shipping to be fair. Only if things should go piecemeal should the cost be above the norm. SHAME!! SHAME!!! I will end him the money to buy these items from the commissary. Not worth buying from this chain due to the UNFAIR SHIPPING CHARGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WILL BLOG THIS FAR AND WIDE!!!!!!!!!

Scott Whipperman on OfficeMax Sucks
December 19, 2008 at 6:31 pm

Max Assurance Stinks.

I bought into the warranty scam on a printer, they finally paid off with a credit card. I lost the card, so I called Customer Service thinking they would look up my account and issue another credit. They informed me that they cannot help me in any way, so I not only lost out on a crappy printer but lost the Warranty refund.

Ted on OfficeMax Sucks
December 23, 2008 at 4:51 pm

I worked at OMAX from 95-96 and I will say it was the worst job I ever had, and I enjoyed working in a dirty, smelly factory better.

To basically sum up what Joe said, OMAX treated their workers like SHIT, and I’m sure they still do today. Low pay, understaffed stores and dealing with backstabbing managers and ass kissers on top of impossible to please customers made for a miserable experience.

Yes, Maui..Forget customer service at OMAX. It doesn’t exist. However, even back then, we were forced to upsell, push warranties onto customers as they checked out, useless and unneeded add-ons and other crap. Hell, and we even got to clean out the public restrooms.

The WORST place there is and I have not set foot in an OMAX since the day I left.

Andy on OfficeMax Sucks
January 19, 2009 at 3:12 am

I work part-time at Office Max. Wanna know what I hear a lot of times?

I came here because Radio Shack…
I came here because Best Buy…
I came here because Walmart…
I came here because EBay…
I came here because Target…
I came here because Office Depot…
I came here because Staples…
I came here because Hobby Lobby….
I came here because CompUSA…
I came here because Circuit City…
I came here because THE OTHER OFFICE MAX…

It is EXTREMELY challenging to keep a happy face and positive attitude when nearly every customer tells you to your face,

“I don’t care about you, your store, your employment obligations, ANYTHING except finding someone to give me what I want right now for nearly nothing!”

Go to any of the stores I mentioned above and ask a younger employee, “I’m thinking of working here part-time, is this a great place to work?” Wow, sounds like those ex-Office Max employee posts out there.

paul on OfficeMax Sucks
February 11, 2009 at 1:49 pm

That is great that you think that Office Max is so great. Too bad you will be closing 400 stores and filing for chapter 11 next weds

John on OfficeMax Sucks
March 8, 2009 at 1:16 am

To all those who bitch about bad service. And wish a certain company,business etc., would go away or file for Chapter 11. I hope your employer or your business dose the same. You all bitch and bitch and are greedy. Gimme, gimme, gimme. How about work and spend for what you can only really afford, Use CASH!! I do not cry over those who have over extended them self s with credit-card debt and bad mortgages STOP asking for the government to do it all for “little ol’ ME”

Suffer!! It’s suvival of the fittest. Go, get a job any job and make do. >:(

bethany on OfficeMax Sucks
May 22, 2009 at 11:43 pm

I agree–complaining about customer service–if it’s YOU are acting like a jerk is not really a service problem is it? For those of you that haven’t been happy with any store since the Bay of Pigs let me tell you that times have changed! And there are plenty of small private owned businesses that could use your patronage and listen all day to your bitching and spend hours walking you from aisle to aisle because you did no research on what you think you may want, and blame them when you are wrong!. Officemax employees have a job and goals to meet like the rest of us—welcome to corporate America!! How ’bout some personal responsibilty???? Price shop, be informed, ask about return policies and don’t act like you can be ignorant and rely on 1950′s “customer’s always right” rule…that policy changed because of jerks not being accountable for their own purchases–it’s always someone else’s fault. Cars, homes, or is not someone’s job to educate you about what you need…You bought it, right????

Doug on OfficeMax Sucks
July 3, 2009 at 3:21 pm

Hey Bethany, Seriously, Complaining customers are a part of the retail business, any retail business. Once you open up a store front, that’s what you get. You sound like an employee, and what you all forget is that these stores weren’t opened up so you all get a job. They are there to sell stuff and make money. You can’t do that if you piss off your customer base into never coming back over something dumb like making a $17 rip on a bogus warranty plan. There is a reason OMX’s stock trades like a near-bankrupt company. Smarter folks than you or I have already voted this management thumbs down. Sales will continue to dry up, customers will continue to migrate to more customer friendly alternatives like Staples, the cost of raising debt capital in the bond markets will continue to rise as a result as investors demand higher interest rates in return for the greater perceived risk as market share losses continue, and eventually that nut will choke the horse and all of those massive stores will turn into big fat empty buildings with “for lease” signs on the outside and a weather faded paint job with the outline of the words “Office Max.”

ML on OfficeMax Sucks
August 19, 2009 at 8:08 pm

I work for Officemax and I would like to say they are the most unfair company to work for. They are planning to cut out fulltime people by writing them up on job preformance and trying to fire them. I have worked for this company for several years. They are all about walking all over the employees. I am a single mother and I am being told I cant leave work or call in to take care of my children when they are sick. What do you do when you are the only person to take care of your kids and you are trying to work a fulltime job? I dont call in all the time only when my kids are sick and I work very hard when I am there. Officemax is a terriable company to work for…

lane on OfficeMax Sucks
September 20, 2009 at 9:20 pm

I crossed this blog last year and enjoyed reading all the responses, i really didnt have too much to compair any of it with as I was a brand new assistant manager in the company and was extremely gung-ho about the company, I was given a decent salary and a position with all the normal murmmerings about extensive training , programs, benifits, and bonuses blah blah blah. I was happy. Upon entering the managment training program I really started to ask myself exactly what i gotten myself into when I was required to spend my own money (money i didnt really have to spend) on a trip three states over to a training store for two weeks, I was told I would be re-embursed for all of my expenses right away ( which never happend). I pushed my misgivings aside and went on my jolly way to the training store, i was shown process and how to use everything reports, equipment, etc. I was told exactly what would be expected of me when i went back to my home store….however it was a complete diffrent story when i arrived at my home store. The associates there had either been so misused they didnt care, or so corrupt they thought they could just get away with anything, one hourly supervisor in particular was allowed to continue employement with om even after it was brought to the hr’s attention that he was harrassing an underaged female employee in and outside of work.
Things digressed from there amid many months of not being able to make my dm a happy man, when he called or visited, and many other situations involving returns and customer complaints. I got my very first right up! yay! for get this upholding company policy, as im sure you know office max advertises these great products at very awesome prices…however dont expect to be able to get the product, as most stores are “sold out” of the product before the sale ever even begins. we are instructed to either atempt to order the product or transfer it from another store for the customer, this particular customer was very upset that she couldnt get her camera on the first day of the sale and so called the corrporet home office. I was told i was being written up because I had not done enough for the customer, even though i offered both options as instructed.
Any way my relationship with my dm broke down steadly from there, every time he would enter my store he would make hurtful cutting remarks about me to my associates, and to my face. I ignored all of this and continued working in my happy go lucky sort of way…until this last visit.
My DM (NB) walked in that day in a horrible mood, He barked orders left and right, and made the most inappropriate remarks. He started giving my associates tasks to complete then ordered me to come back to recieving with him so he could “show me how to use a new report”
Once I entered recieving he asked me to sign into our sap system for me so we could get the training on this report started. I stepped infront of him to get to the computer to sign in and almost immediatly i felt his hands slip up my hips and onto my ribcage. I was frankly shocked! you hear about these things happening but never think they will happen to you. I was stunned for all of about a minute before i slammed my elbow back into his ribs and ran out onto the floor.
i made sure to remain visible in the public area of the store until he left, the moment he left the store I called my human resources district manager and told her the story of what happened. She promised to take care of it and I took the rest of the day off. I was scheduled off the next day (wensday) and was due to be back at the store thursday morning.
Imagine my surprise when i walked into the store thursday morning to find the Human resource manager, and loss prevention manager waiting to fire me in the office! I was told by HR that I “cause too much trouble for office max” and that my job was being terminated unless i called the corporate office and changed my story! The two of them tried to convince me that my dm thought i was falling and put his hands on my hips to keep me from falling and getting hurt! BS!
When i told them to go to hell that, that was NOT what happened the loss prevention manager looked me in the eye and said with a straight face “well then we will terminate your employment, and if you dont go quietly, then I can just happen to find evidence that you are dishonest to present to the local police department” at this point I simply picked up my things and walked out of the building.

These are the people this company leaves in charge of thier stores! crooked, manipulating rats! there are no cameras in any of the stores so nothing can be proven had I decieded to take legal action, its my word against thiers! this is not a company I ever wish to deal with again, you have to wonder if they are that corrupt at a district level how far does the rotteness continue on up the line? Ive seen many set up type situations where they have used employees and managers alike to thier own ends and when finished they simply fire them or use them as scape goats, as far as Im concerned no one should ever shop this retailer!

Whipping boy on OfficeMax Sucks
April 19, 2010 at 11:51 pm

I currently work at office max. I have read many posts here and I have to agree that Officemax is mistreating their employed. I personally do not mislead people but I am forced to mush max perks signups and needle people as to why they are in the store. “What brings you in today?” I like to ask “What can I help you find?” or “What questions can I answer for you?”. I don’t want to push people into purchases. They know what they want and need. I would rather be there to help them. I get threatened everyday with the name of the district Manager. Joan Voller is her name. Among the needleing and “Total solution mubo jumbo she pushes, she makes us announce over the walkie what people have in thier carts. They announce what people bought and how much they spent. They want 37% of officemax brand sold in every purchase and they want an avg. sale of $41. Nothing that corp does makes any store persons job easier. It is harder and harder every day there. Thus when you go in and it seems that the person helping you may be sad or tired, its because they have been brow beaten and work in a hostile environment. We all have our jobs threatened every day. The best thing to say when going into Officemax is “I will come get you if I need help.”

n/a on OfficeMax Sucks
September 7, 2010 at 11:37 pm

I can’t vouch for everyone elses stores, but I can tell you our store does the best it can for our customers, and myself included plus our other associates go out of their way to help our customers. We always help every customer to the best of our ability. And we’ll always answer the phone if you call us. We’re located in Texss.

As far as MaxAssurance goes, i don’t pressure people into anything they dont want/ cannot afford. I’m very perceptive of peoples needs when they enter our store.

I enjoy working at OMX, compared to some of the other retail establishments i’ve worked in. We have a strong learning environment where you’ll learn all parts of how a store is run from sales to stocking etc etc. If you’re not willing to learn/ take constructive criticism don’t work for us, we strive for the best.

The hours may be long, but I’ve liked working at OMX so far, my coworkers and superiors are friendly and we collaborate well together. In regards to pricing, I think most Office Supplies are pretty much expensive these days. However, I feel as if OMX goes out of their way with promotions via mail and etc so theirs always a way to get a discount (atleast with coupouns). Of course I give people MaxPerks signups whenever I can. This is one of our products I’m not as fully keen on. Especially since you only get rewards after every 500 dollars. However, with teachers they accumulate faster. I suppose every little bit does count, especially if you’re a medium/large scaled business and spending on a constant basis. I could definitely see the incentive then

Sorry to sound like someone from corporate but I feel as if peoples comments are misguided, get your facts straight. We’re not out to get you. And if your experience isnt what you wanted it to be, try a different store or speak with the stores manager


Brookfield on OfficeMax Sucks
October 14, 2010 at 2:38 pm

let me just say that i worked at officemax for 8 years and the whole management team cheated people out of pay, yes, i watched as they changed punches. they stole, took home paperwork from personnel files, lied to get assoc. fired if they didn’t like you and then when i would lie for two managers (BC) (MR) they told HR i stole a dollar. this is brookfield, ct store

JennaFry on OfficeMax Sucks
November 6, 2010 at 5:20 pm

I’ve worked there for almost a year and its a HORRIBLE place to work at. I work at the Chicago location and my boss is a complete morron, the people are nasty and dirty anD customers are nasty. The minute that I can I am running the FUCK away to something better and more suited for me!The store is expensive and the max’s and max assurances are a SCAM!!

AllanaNat on OfficeMax Sucks
November 6, 2010 at 5:28 pm

I want all the people out there to know that the Maxs are a HUSTLE. The insurances at the store are robbery, most items come with an insurance attached by the manufactorer. When you try to make a claim Omax makes sure that the manufatcorers warrenty has in fact RAN out. So, that money that you have been talked into for piece of mind is sheer BULLShit! Also employees are rewarded for how many insurances they have sold. It is a pure profit margin for the company by adding a service that costs from 9 to 200 dollars that the company DOES nOt lose money on. REVENUE BABY this store is expensive and I agree w. most bloggers the people that work there are RUDE Ass Fuck. I HAVE heard various sexual, racial, and highly innapropriate comments while working here. It seems that they only hire ghetto ass people and cannot staff with nice, clean people that will work hard for minimum wage.

Juss Juice on OfficeMax Sucks
November 6, 2010 at 5:31 pm

To the HAPPy Office max employee visit my store and you can see how horrible a store can really be maybe you goty luCky and work at a good store. Omax in Chicago at the Brickyard IS AWFULL.

Meashelle on OfficeMax Sucks
November 10, 2010 at 1:21 pm

I work at Omax, and I look at that job as a paycheck and nothing more, although some of the store associates are nice most of them are not. It is not the best team, and that makes a big difference in the work environment. I have had many jobs throughout the years and as soon as the economy picks up I will quit and find better employement. I dislike most of my co-workers, and the people that I report to are dumb and inconsiderate assholes. My direct manager is on thin thin ice and makes the STORE EMPLOYEES pay for this by ALWAYS overworking us. They hired this girl to be a specialist and she has a tude’. So there I dont like it and I have bigger and better plans fot myself!

Janice on OfficeMax Sucks
November 18, 2010 at 7:35 am

I read this blog before I started working for OMx. I thought some of the comments were funny. I also thought some were over reacting. I started working their anyway. In any retail store you will have bosses who you feel don’t care about you and treat you like dirt. Mine are great. Even though you may not like your job they have bosses to answer to too. It’s all about money. It’s a store. The cash registers stop after ringing a warranty eligibal item to ask you to ask the customer if they want to buy it. You cant continue until you press yes or no. The cashier doesnt care if you buy it or not. She’s not beeing pushy she’s trying to get you gone and move on to next person. If she pressed no then what happens if you come back in and say your item is broken and no one offered you a warranty? I bought something once and bought a warranty. It broke and they gave me the money back on a store credit. The warranty is NOT crap. I would of been screwed without it. Yes the sales people get a small comision for selling them. All sales reps in companies get bonuses for selling extra. That’s normal. If you don’t like salespeople shop online. It’s everyones job to make the store nice so have I been asked to clean the restroom, yes. Its not that gross and someone has to do it. We get paid. We want people to shop here instead of other stores. if no one comes in, no paycheck for me. I have seen hundreds of customers come in with some bogus b.s. and the manager almost always kisses their butt and gives them what they want even if they don’t deserve it. They are totally focused on customer happiness and getting them to want to shop here. They would be unemployed if too many complaints. I think it would be the same way in any other store. You guys wouldnt be happy anywhere you work. There is no perfect job if you are just a drone.

Mike on OfficeMax Sucks
December 6, 2010 at 4:57 pm

I don’t work at omax but just purchased a laptop and experienced something I was not prepared for. I actually found a descent price on-line at officemax for the laptop I was interested in. Problem is, I needed the laptop fairly quckly and chose not to wait a few days for delivery. I went in to my local omax and quickly found “my” laptop with sale price clearly intact. I took my ticket with model number etc up to the cash register where I was told the floor rep would pull the lap top for me. “Cool” so far. I was later greeted by “the floor rep” who told me to follow him back to the laptops so he could “discuss options” with me. “uhh ohhhh” (ie. warranty’s, antivirus software, MS Word, etc…) Please understand, I am fairly tech savvy, and short of dropping one of these things down a flight of stairs I really have no use for an extended warranty. I made that clear,… so I thought, but was constantly reminded for the next 15 minutes that I really really need this (these) “options”.
Okayy, long story short, I know this guy is trying to make a living if not a few extra bucks, so I remained pleasant with him. I tried to put myself in his position but I gotta tell ya, if there is anyone with Office Max sales and Marketing reading this post, I will not be walking back in to an Office Max again. A simple purchase started to feel like I was purchasing a used car. No hard feelings, just exercising my “options”.

AT JANICE on OfficeMax Sucks
February 16, 2011 at 5:40 pm

At Janice, the warrenty IS A SCAM. Omax can return items to the manufactorer and be reimbursed FOR FREE. I’ve bought the warrenty and tried using it and couldn’t. Also, if you just started working there wait a few months, matter fact wait untill BACK TO SCHOOL hits its awfull! Good Luck

finch on OfficeMax Sucks
March 21, 2011 at 9:24 am

I’ve been an associate of OMX for nearly two years and have worked at two different stores — they both have been hellbent on providing the best customer service possible, and we’ve had the feedback to support the fact that our locations are doing something right.

The protection plans are totally legit, the major factor is not that the items already have warranties, but rather that our plans go above and beyond: they cover accidental damage. You spill something on it, dog eats it, light it on fire, whatever? You’re straight. Yes, a “commission” is given to the seller, usually below a dollar. Big deal.

I’ve seen nothing but integrity in my managers, and if an associate acts dishonorably, they’ve been let go. Comments to customers or straight out stealing, that does not belong in our company.

If you come into my store, I’d be happy to help, and I can rest assured that nearly all the associates I’ve ever met just want to help you on their way to picking up a paycheck. Minimum wage is no fun, and I feel like even though the majority of the customers could care less of not only those helping them but also the rest of humanity in general, but we still do our damnedest.

Tanisha on OfficeMax Sucks
April 2, 2011 at 11:06 pm

Ive been employed at Office Max over a year, and retail is what it is. Some days are better than others, truth be told depending on who your manager on duty is that determines a lot. The customers can be a negative aspect of the job but bad team morale is another. I am not sure about the other stores but I can say this about mine I have had better and worse jobs but thats life and at the end of the day the customer is right and we have to behave and treat people well. On the flip side of that I work with direspectful people that made sexist & racist remarks and since I have bills to pay I just have to deal. No FUN, to be called names and insulted while at work. Thats life when you work in a bad atmosphere =**(

Avarelli on OfficeMax Sucks
April 15, 2011 at 7:50 pm

I work at Office Max, and I have been there three years. The fact that I hate going to work everyday says a lot about the company. I have been offered work at Payless, and right about now dealing with smelly feet seems better!

Joel on OfficeMax Sucks
April 15, 2011 at 7:55 pm

I bought a laptop and an insurance…It didnt work out that well. A few months after my purchase I tried to make a “claim” and couldn’t. Since the store no longer had my laptop it had been discontinued I had to go throught the manufactr-Sony !!Ridiculous in my opnion, not happy about this. Corprte will hear about this rip off.

JohnY on OfficeMax Sucks
June 13, 2011 at 1:47 pm

The reason I stopped going to Office Max.

I bought some Epson paper, and several days later noticed that it had been on sale for two for one. I went back to the store with the receipt, and spoke with a manager. I am not sure to what degree she was a manager though. Anyway, she said that she did not know about the sale. (I didn’t bring the ad with me, stupid me.) However, she wouldn’t go look for the ad on her own. Having spent a lifetime in retail, this sounded strange. Strange that their ads were not posted somewhere, where at least the store management could reference them, and strange that she wouldn’t do anything to find out about it…like ask somebody else, or call another store, or I don’t know…call somebody! But she didn’t.

I sent an email to their HQ, but I never received a response.

The End

mz on OfficeMax Sucks
August 31, 2011 at 9:54 pm

i have been working at omax for a coupke months now and i dont really have any complains, the only thing i dont like is always asking ppl if they need an add on or if they want a rewards card, some people get so nasty and its like dude im just doing my job go suck a toe. Most of the people i work with are super cooo, i dont like te competition to sell crap cus sometimes peoe steal your sell. Sometimes i just dont feel like caring and ima cashier i signed up to be a casher and i shoulnt need to do much more. Some people are big babies here tho but other then that most people dont know this store exist

Bert on OfficeMax Sucks
September 26, 2011 at 8:27 pm

come on now, officemax isn’t so bad. I worked there for 7 months before moving to california, and apart from their unnecessary initial drug test and the manager’s crazy insistence for you to sell maxassurance on every item in the store and the occasional tedious assignments given to you by your supervisors, it was an ok job imo. Honestly I can’t believe some customer reviews on here though, I mean seriously we’re all busting our asses to insure your given superb customer service and for you to get what you need, and to see people complaining about stupid crap is pathetic. Boo hoo, we all know your life is so hard being a consumer stay at home mom who’s shopping for your “personal office” for your stupid private yoga company. You make me sick!

Ezrah on OfficeMax Sucks
October 25, 2011 at 2:02 am

The company is crooked, we had a bad CEO 2010, and when he retired, I thought things would change. the new CEO came on October of 2010, for two months of work he took 490K in bonus and salary… and -12 million- in stocks and options. since that point last year, they’ve been closing stores, and cutting manpower. Our store was near constantly understaffed, one impress person, two floor associates, and one manager at any given time, except for changeover; that’s right 4 people to run a store. On top of that, they’ve got a lot more aggressive with the up-selling and warranty plans; much too my store manager’s dismay, they made a score card for “projects”, AND selling instituted, with unrealistic expectations… they were almost never met.

With the amount of money he took in stocks and options; and the way they’re minimizing manpower and maximizing “productivity” It appears as though they’re maximizing gross income by cutting overhead [and dangerously so] rather than improving revenue. It wouldn’t surprise me if this douche bag cuts and runs after stocks peak, but before the company collapses.

I won’t reveal my location, since I may need to stay with the company [They're closing our store, but I can still transfer... though with the cost of fuel... it may be more economical to go on unemployment while I look for another job.]

anon on OfficeMax Sucks
December 16, 2011 at 2:10 am

i HATE working for officemax. i dont really hate some of my co-workers. but i wish i could drown most of them. all they do is talk shit. and i absolutely hate the management team. its like working for a bunch of self righteous ass holes that think they know everything. but most of the things that they say are absolutely RETARDED.
ITS LIKE WATCHING SOME ONE VOMIT BULLSHIT FOR 8 HRS A DAY. most of the customers are ok, but honestly the next person that gives me shit for not having something that doesnt exist and making it seem like its my fault is going to get a stapler to the forehead.

samantha on OfficeMax Sucks
January 17, 2012 at 6:00 pm

i looooove my job, i enjoy working with my team, our new boss is awesome, i have learnt soo much since my new boss was introduced then with my bosses before….. i am encouraged and when the atmosphere is great giving 100 percent comes easy…..
This is my 1st job in 3yrs, so i am very greatful… and because i am ambitious, i work my butt off,learn all i can and go home happy……..

Chris on OfficeMax Sucks
July 9, 2012 at 9:00 am

i guess i’m the only one that doesnt hate my job so much! of course the pay is far from the best though. i work with a great set of people and we all know what we’re doing so it makes everything easy and care free.

i will admit though that i HATE working cash registers with a passion. i’m dislike having to ask every customer for rewards signups, but i do it with no complaints [it does suck getting that, what seems to be, daily speeches about maxperks being low]. if theres anything to hate about my job, it would be the already aggrivated customers. it never fun helping, or trying to help, these a-holes that either think they know everything or the ones that love to complain about prices.

nonetheless i love my job and i love the people i work with. pay could be better though…

[officemax store 72 in georgia. come by if you want some GOOD customer service]

James on OfficeMax Sucks
October 16, 2012 at 6:02 pm

I understand complaning if you’ve had a bad experience shopping and encountered rude people or you worked for omx and crappy things happened to you, that sucks. But for the people complaining about how they get offerend extended warranties, get over it! Every place offers those! Its really not a big deal. You either want one, or you don’t. Dont be mad at the employees that offer it, because trust me, as an employee, its not something we love doing, its just something thats part of the job. Just like at mcdonalds,asking if you want an apple pie to add on. Its all about add ons. Many of you seem to not know much about retail.

And to the woman who said that she wont ever go back to omx because someone offered u a warranty that ‘wasnt needed.’ If you would have paid attention to the associate, the additionan warranty covers accidental damange. If you call the manufacturer because you spilled ur drink on the product and it stopped working, do you think they will cover that? What if you buy a laptop and the screen cracks. The manufacturer wont cover that- our extended coverage will. Do I think they are always needed? Absolutely not. I dont normaly go for those things because I hate the thought of spending more money on something when I take care of my things. However, accidents do happen, and as an employee, I hear stories daily about those “accidents.” We are underpaid, but the store I work at is quite clean, decent customers usually, and we all try to help them out as much as we can. We even take calls from people who didnt even buy their computer from us but want to know how to use it. Not many places will do that.

Just know that you get what you give. If you dread goin into work everyday, you probably wont try at all. If you realize that your day is made mainly because of your own attitude things will look up. Not tryin to be preachy, but life is about attitudues.

Luke on OfficeMax Sucks
January 11, 2013 at 2:33 am

I’ve been working for OMX for 5 months now, and I’m actually surprised to see most of the employee comments above. I always assumed our store was an exception in the understaffed area and idiot customers. That’s what our DM made it seem like in his e-mails. I’ve given it 300% every day. My ASM wants to make me a Key-carrier, and by all rights I should be. I deserve a damn raise. But without open availability, I can’t do that. I’m currently attending a private school with $11,000 per semester tuition, working 40hours a week, and still barely making enough to scrape by. I feel very undervalued and have started to give the store less and less of my effort every day.

John on OfficeMax Sucks
July 3, 2013 at 1:12 pm

I just happened across this site and I must say…most of you are a bunch of whining babies. A few have some legitimate complaints and issues, but it is a very small amount of the comments. I can already see that most of you are children working their first job or have just become jaded about Customer Service in general. For those of you who are NOT or HAVE NOT been employed by Omx, have you ever worked retail before? Its the same no matter where you go. And all of you saying that you are being mistreated, I would love to know the full story. I have an employee that complains that she is over worked on a constant basis…yet every time she isn’t ringing up a customer she is just standing there doing NOTHING. Yeah, overworked. She said she wanted a raise and then she would be more motivated. Never mind that it was her first job and she hasn’t made it through her first 60 days…The level of entitlement astounds me. I’m currently a Sales Specialist (started this past February) and can honestly say that the store I work from (0341) is one of the best locations I have been in and my favorite job I have had thus far in retail (I’ve been working since 1999, when I was 17 just to reference time). Get over yourselves. Seriously. If you spent more time working or searching for a job that fit your ideals than complaining about poor experiences (that might not even have been their fault, but yours) you might be somewhere better. Do yourself a favor. Stop being so judgmental, stop being so negative. Move on, move forward and grow up.

DeeJay on OfficeMax Sucks
August 24, 2013 at 2:33 pm

Here is the note I sent to OfficeMax today:

8/24/13 noon. I am not happy and will not shop at OfficeMax again. I’d been looking around for an affordable corded phone for my home office that had a message indicator light. I was surprised at how hard they were to find in brick and mortar stores, but I finally found an affordable one at your Jordan Landing Store in Utah. It was an RCA 25260 2-Line Expandable Phone (item # 23306272). It was on sale for $60, regular $99. I only saw the display model so I asked an associate if they had any in stock. She checked, but she didn’t have any. A little frustrating after my search and seeing the display model right there on the shelf. But not to worry she was checking the other locations. She saw that there were some at the Brickyard location and the West Jordan location. She called the Brickyard location, but after being left on hold for about 15 minutes she gave up and called the West Jordan store. They confirmed they had some, but there location was quite out of the way. The Brickyard was a better location. My wife called the Brickyard location and told the person of the long hold and said she didn’t want to be put on hold and forgotten about. The associate helped her out and confirmed they had the phone. She told him about the $60 discount price at the Jordan Landing store. He said that it was listed at the regular price, but that he just needed proof of the discount at the Jordan Landing store to honor the price. We brought the note from the associate at the Jordan Landing store confirming the phone and price. Plus the associate confirmed the price by calling the Jordan Landing store. He said he needed a manager’s override to give us the discounted price. When the manager came over, he said that he could not do it. He said that the Jordan Landing store was a low volume store and was discontinuing the phone, but they weren’t, so they wouldn’t honor the price. I said I’d never run into such a thing. One location offering one price and another one saying they wouldn’t. He said that Walmart had the same policy. Well that was funny he should say that. The very same day we went to Walmart to buy more deck chairs. We bought 3 at one location yesterday, but needed more. We found some at another location. When we went to by them we found that the chairs where cheaper. They adjusted the price of the chairs we purchased at the other store. They said it wasn’t a problem as long as we did it within a week. So your Brickyard manager is up in the night. I think it ridiculous that you don’t honor the price you have listed in one location in the same city as another, that you’d have an item on the shelf that isn’t in stock at a discount, send the customer to another location, and then tell them your out of luck. It appears your customers aren’t your focus. I was at Best Buy two weeks ago to look at their TVs. They had one I was interested in, but I saw they same one at Costco for less, they didn’t just match the price, they checked other stores and matched the lowest price. Before I left, I bought a TV, frig, and a few other things. They gave me a further discount after it was all said and done. I just wished they’d had the phone I needed. I’ve bought lots of ink, a laptop, printer, and other office supplies from you because you are close to my house. I often wondered why your store always had few customers when I went. I thought it was because it was an office supply store. Perhaps it’s because of your lame customer service. I won’t be back!

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