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Singer launches career on eBay – “A young Indian singer has managed to raise enough money to release his debut album by selling shares in his future royalties on the internet site eBay.”

Posted on - July 18, 2005 [at] 9:21 am by Brad
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MP3 Turns 10 Years Old – before that it was “.bit”.

Posted on - July 14, 2005 [at] 9:34 am by Brad
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A Night at the Feelies – I love this Bob the Angry Flower cartoon.

Posted on - July 13, 2005 [at] 1:03 pm by Brad
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I was going to feel real bad about making noise in my new neighborhood, but now that I know every other house has a barking dog tied up in its back yard all day maybe I don’t care.

Posted on - July 11, 2005 [at] 11:16 pm by Brad
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Psychedelic Christian Radio – MP3s of Pastor John Rydgren’s radio spots from the 60s. Crazy and awesome.

Posted on - July 11, 2005 [at] 2:22 pm by Brad
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Half-Rack Hack – a camera mini-tripod modified to support half-rack effect devices.

Posted on - July 11, 2005 [at] 1:37 pm by Brad
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NINJAM is out. (I wrote about it earlier here.) Due to moving I haven’t been able to use the latest versions, but I assume it rocks. The GUI looks slick to boot. Congrats, Justin. It’ll be fun to see what people get up to with this great tool.

Posted on - July 9, 2005 [at] 11:51 am by Brad
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Images of cassettes – it’s weird that pictures of cassette tapes can be so nostalgic.

Posted on - July 9, 2005 [at] 11:44 am by Brad
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Cringely Podcasting and Blogging – interesting column by Cringely about the market demand for (video) podcasting and blogging and how it’s changing his gig.

Posted on - July 8, 2005 [at] 3:26 pm by Brad
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Holy crap, moving was more of a pain than I thought it would be. The new appliances were all damaged (the side of the stove was falling off, for instance), the new satellite received died two days after being installed and the Internet took a week to start working. Still waiting on appliances and my email. All I do anymore is talk to customer support.

Posted on - July 7, 2005 [at] 4:26 pm by Brad
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