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Fossil Ivory Guitar Pick – Pure Alaskan fossil ivory guitar pick. $25 for it. $50 more if you want it scrimshawed. [via]

Posted on - March 17, 2006 [at] 1:58 pm by Brad
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Got my new laptop today. I forgot to blog about it but a better deal actually went on the day after I ordered my Inspiron 6000 so I upgraded to the Inspiron 6400 (which is duo-core, twice as much memory, 20gb more drive space) instead. I got it today, opened the box and this was staring at me from the bag the laptop was in:

warning close-up

Still trying to decide on a Firewire audio interface. The Presonus Firepod would be great but seems like overkill for what I need. The Firebox might be more my style. This MOTU Ultralite is very nice looking but pricey and I’m laptop-poor now. But then I think about how M-Audio has been so good for drivers compared to my horrifying Echo experiences in the past. Then I think maybe it’d be cool to put this bag over my head.

Posted on - March 16, 2006 [at] 4:26 pm by Brad
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New CD Baby digital distribution agreement – Major changes: 1) now specifically non-exclusive and 2) ringtones. Go buy 10 second clips of my songs for $5, dogs.

Posted on - March 16, 2006 [at] 12:14 pm by Brad
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Had a chance to play with REAPER yesterday. That thing is impressive as hell. It’s still beta and lacks MIDI capability, but even without that it’s very over the top. In a less than 1 meg install (700k without the sample project included) it offers a lightweight, rock-solid multitracker with:

  • multiple takes per event
  • group tracks
  • ASIO support
  • sends
  • track automation
  • punch-in recording
  • cross-fading
  • direct-x/vst/jesusonic plugin support
  • effect chaining (as well as rearranging on the fly)
  • ability to export all tracks

And a lot more. Interface-wise if you’re familiar with Sonic Foundry’s Vegas or Acid, you’ll find it easy to jump into. I think once MIDI’s in there, I’ll be giving it a shot for a full project. It’s extremely competitive with software that costs hundreds of dollars.

Posted on - March 16, 2006 [at] 9:54 am by Brad
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Justin Frankel’s multi-tracker REAPER is up to v0.91 now and is on my list of things to try out. The samples page has my song Look and Feel Years Younger on there too for you to download and try out.

Posted on - March 14, 2006 [at] 5:31 pm by Brad
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Acoustic Guitar Pickup – how to convert your acoustic guitar to an acoustic/electric. I really want to do this but fear that I’ll destroy my guitar.

Posted on - March 13, 2006 [at] 3:58 pm by Brad
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KEN FLAGG: Paralysis & Denial – my buddy Ken has a new CD out. He’ll apparently be playing with MC Frontalot when he goes through Long Island San Francisco.

Posted on - March 13, 2006 [at] 3:19 pm by Brad
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Jeff Price, the CEO of spinART and Tunecore, who I met at Canadian Music Week, posted his Tunecore pitch in the comments over here. If you’re an indie musician interested in or already doing digital distribution it might be worth your while to check it out.

Jeff’s busy at SXSW right now but I’ll be getting some more info out of him such as what the fees are like for musicians who might want to jump ship from CD Baby to Tunecore. I’ll let you know what I find out.

Posted on - March 12, 2006 [at] 9:49 pm by Brad
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Rolling Stones Rice Krispies Commercial – from 1964. Not a bad song, except that it’s about Rice Krispies. [via]

Posted on - March 7, 2006 [at] 12:43 pm by Brad
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cmw_panel.jpgCanadian Music Week (the one day of it I experienced at least) was fun. I went there, they had cancelled my hotel room, I wound up getting upgraded to a deluxe room which was hella swank with the double TVs and lounge area and walk-in closet and so on.

I went to the panel and none of the moderators showed up and once we were on I felt I was mildly to relatively obnoxious which I consider a personal victory. I recommended that a woman violate the Alzheimer Society of Canada’s copyright, said the word “bullshit”, drank a lot of complimentary water and made a suggestive comment about Jeff Price, the CEO of Tunecore.

The panel actually went quite well, our impromptu moderator Jay Moonah did an excellent job especially considering he was only told he was moderating about five minutes before we went on. There was a decent crowd but an hour really wasn’t long enough to get into answering everyone’s questions about RSS, online radio, file-sharing, podcasting, promoting music online, copyright, remixes, blogs, digital distribution, generating buzz, Myspace and more. I felt we only scratched the surface and could have gone a lot longer but that’s conference life I guess. (more…)

Posted on - March 6, 2006 [at] 1:33 pm by Brad
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