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Posted on - July 14, 2006 [at] 3:40 pm by Brad
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I put 10 thin clear coats on my guitar over the past couple of days. It’s now totally shiny:

I think it’s looking pretty good. I doubt anyone would mistake it for a factory finish — there are lots of little screwups. But as a live guitar that will probably take some abuse, I think it looks just fine.

The final step before putting it all back together is to wet sand the clear coats to make the surface nice and smooth. Right now it has a bumpy orange peel texture to it as you can see in the pictures. The Paint Your Own Guitar book says that I need to let the guitar sit for one month before sanding (it would have been three months had I used any other colors.) I don’t know if I have the patience to wait that long so I’m going to look around on the net later to see if anyone advises that I rush right ahead.

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Posted on - July 14, 2006 [at] 11:38 am by Brad
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Our show at Pier 21 went well, the sound was probably the best we’ve had thanks to our friend and sound tech Jamie. Words such as “tight” and “hardly drunk” were used to describe us. If only there had been more witnesses.

We’ve got another show this Saturday night at Marshy’s in Nepean (117 Centrepoint Drive), going on around 10:15-10:30. It’s a charity thing for “Team Diabetes” so I’ll try not to eat ice cream on the stage as I’m fond of doing.

Posted on - July 13, 2006 [at] 10:24 am by Brad
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A Series of Tubes – Finally, a remix of Ted Stevens’ retarded net neutrality speech. [via]

Posted on - July 12, 2006 [at] 10:42 am by Brad
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Here’s Elvis totally high and boning up a performance:

Posted on - July 12, 2006 [at] 10:38 am by Brad
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A few things about Amazon. First of all: for some reason for the past few months my cover art image is blank. Check it out. It was there before, now it’s gone. Dunno, man. Trying to fix that.

Also am I hallucinating or is someone selling my album for $39.99 here? What in the hell.

Update: The image is back. I’m going to start whining about every little thing that bothers me on here, it seems to get results.

Posted on - July 10, 2006 [at] 9:52 am by Brad
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Looks like we’re playing Pier 21 this Tuesday (July 11th). We go on around 9:30-10pm and will deliver 40 consecutive minutes of rock (with a break in there somewhere). Unfortunately my blue guitar will not be ready by then.

Posted on - July 7, 2006 [at] 8:56 pm by Brad
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Since we last met, I had tiny little cracks in my primer and was freaked out about it. Since then a lot of things have happened and I don’t have pictures of all of that because I was too annoyed. Anyway, here’s a quick summary:

  • Discovered little hairline cracks in the primer. Researched this, found no info.
  • Decided to fill the dents and those cracks with Bondo auto body filler.
  • Kinda coated the whole guitar in Bondo, which was a total mistake. That stuff is nasty.
  • Around this time my friend Aaron told me that the cracks were because I didn’t sand the sanding sealer down. The surface was too smooth and the primer didn’t stick to it well enough.
  • Tried to sand the Bondo down, but it was lumpy and annoying not to mention it smelled like cancer.
  • I took the sander to the guitar and took it all down to the sealer level again.

Then I put primer on it again. This time it turned out a lot better:

There were a lot of small little bumps in the paint surface, but I read that’s normal. I sanded them down with 600 grit sandpaper and the surface was pretty smooth. There are a few places where the grain is showing through a little where I probably sanded the sealer down too much and the occasional small paint run. But laziness defeated my perfectionism this day so I went ahead and painted it blue:

Bam. True blue. I’ve put on three coats at this point and it’s looking nicely covered. I don’t think I have the ambition to paint my logo on it, god forbid I might have to sand it all down and start over again. I’m going to get some clear coat next and start laying that on and then we should be just about done.

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Posted on - July 7, 2006 [at] 11:32 am by Brad
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At first I thought The Garden State effect was going to be a ranty anti-mainstream essay — and while it is indeed that, it turns into more of a self-examination near the end which made it worth reading.

There’s a sizeable portion of the population that listens to the music they listen to because it’s there and they don’t know any better—a reality that actually predicates the existence of mainstream music. Here’s what I mean: nobody thinks long and hard about music and what it means to them and then ultimately decides to listen to Toby Keith.

The main problem I have with this attitude is that it dismisses the opinions and tastes of anyone who isn’t an insular Pitchfork-reading hipster. That seems more than a little self-important to me, but I have a hard time giving middle class twenty-somethings credit for anything.

A related story: I was at an Apples in Stereo show a couple years ago and afterwards I stood behind some young girls to talk to Robert Schneider. When they were done, I moved up and went on about how much their album Tone Soul Evolution meant to me in my middle class twenty-something way. My eyes might have gotten a little misty as I tried to put my intangible feelings for that album into words.

While we talked, he told me that the girls before me were disappointed that the Apples didn’t play their song from the Powerpuff Girls Movie soundtrack. Robert said they “don’t play that shit” but said he was disappointed they didn’t play more songs off of Tone Soul Evolution for me.

I guess I should have felt like a true fan, that my interest in them was “pure” and that he and I shared some sort of special musical connection. But mostly I wished the Apples in Stereo had more teenage girl fans so they could have played a better venue with decent sound.

Posted on - July 7, 2006 [at] 10:16 am by Brad
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Vanilla 1 has been released (Vanilla is what I use for my forums) and I’m a big fan. I’ll probably try upgrading this week sometime.

Posted on - July 2, 2006 [at] 7:45 pm by Brad
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