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Guess Who's a Mess, my third album. 10 tracks, instant downloads.

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Trying to be a pro up in here but it’s quiet, not too interesting work:

1) Working on the new album – met with Rob Cosh who I worked with on Out of It and it looks like we’re good to go. I just need to finish off the tracks. Also I’m trying to decide on album artwork.

2) Working on the live show – adding lights and visuals and working on improving the general live sound and presentation.

3) Planning – I have a sheet of paper here with Brad Sucks stuff (releases and promotion etc) planned out until next June. I feel so legit looking at it. Legit and overwhelmed.

4) Video – trying to get some video stuff going for the next record. It’s an area I never really enjoy but I should probably do it.

5) Website fixing – tidying up this place a bit. Upgraded bbPress, added Facebook connect and fixing my mailing list software since I haven’t sent out the Brad Sucks mailing list in forever.

6) Secret projects – plotting out some new projects which have so far involved a lot of meetings.

7) Maintaining my mlkshk accountthis thing doesn’t update itself you guys.

But enough about me, how are you?

Posted on - June 29, 2011 [at] 10:04 am by Brad
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This one’s been a struggle and I think it still needs a bunch of work, but I’m calling the demo done and I’ll come back to it. I was trying to do something a bit different and ehhhh I dunno:

I Need to Love Myself More and You Less (demo)

Anyway, that’s a wrap on the demos for the next record. You can listen to them all here (warning: spoilers). Gonna take a short break and then start hassling friends for feedback and then I’ll make a bunch of decisions on what needs to be fixed. And then fix those things.

Posted on - May 26, 2011 [at] 5:21 pm by Brad
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Tired of staring at this demo, so here you go:

Come Back (demo)

Should be track #8 on Guess Who’s a Mess. Only one more demo to go and then I get to start finishing this bad boy off.

Posted on - May 11, 2011 [at] 12:09 pm by Brad
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I’m off to Boston today to do a panel thing at Rethink Music. and an interview at the Berkman Center. If you’re around there be sure to say hi.

I have another song demo nearly ready to go which means that’ll be nine out of ten done for the next album, holy smokes! The tenth track is getting there as well. With luck I’ll be working on finishing the record by the summer. So that’s nice.


Posted on - April 27, 2011 [at] 3:56 am by Brad
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Hey party people. Got a few real world things coming up, which I must share with you:

Thing 1: On April 27th I’ll be in Boston at the Rethink Music conference (a Harvard/MIDEM/Berklee College of Music joint). I think my panel’s at 4:45. And I think I’m doing something at the Berkman enter while I’m down there.

Thing 2:


(Poster by Geoffrey Gibson)

Saturday, May 14th I’ll be playing Kingston with Dave Norris & Local Ivan at The Mansion. I believe it will be six Canadian dollars. (Here’s the Facebook event.) Next:

Thing 3:


(Poster by Bill Mead)

Saturday, June 11th we’re playing Ottawa. I don’t know who the opener will be yet, but I’m sure whoever it is will be great. I’m trying to only play one show a year in my hometown so if you miss this sucker I’ll see you in 2012.  (Here’s the Facebook event.)

If you can attend or know of anyone who might, please spread the word. Thanks!

Posted on - March 31, 2011 [at] 9:52 pm by Brad
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Here’s a hard rock type demo. Track #3 on the next album! Slow and steady wins the race:

Fluoride (demo)

Posted on - March 18, 2011 [at] 3:48 pm by Brad
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Hey, here’s another messy demo:

Guess Who’s a Mess (demo)

It’s the title track and will probably be track 6 on Guess Who’s a Mess.

Posted on - January 25, 2011 [at] 7:02 pm by Brad
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Last night’s show was fun, thanks to everyone for coming out. These three shows I’ve done with the new band have been pretty encouraging. I’m not someone who actually really enjoys performing or being on a stage, but I do get a huge kick out of an energetic, happy crowd and instigating a good time.  So I’m gonna let that motivate me into more show bookings and hope it’s enough.

Posted on - January 8, 2011 [at] 7:38 pm by Brad
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Hey, we’ll be playing in Kingston at The Mansion on January 7th:


Facebook events here and here.

Posted on - December 6, 2010 [at] 4:20 am by Brad
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Seriously gotta get moving on these album demos. Here’s one:

The First Thing About Me (demo)

The mix is a disaster, but I MOVE ON. It’ll be the last track on Guess Who’s a Mess.

Posted on - September 3, 2010 [at] 2:11 pm by Brad
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