MP3s Moved, Upgraded

IUMA (the site where I host my lovely mp3s) seems to be mentally ill right now. A friend has volunteered some temporary bandwidth to the Brad Sucks cause and I've uploaded some 128k versions of the songs (IUMA only allowed 96k). Part of the pain of being a net musician is finding a decent place to host your large, stupid music files. IUMA has been pretty nice, but apparently has some stability issues. The interface is very clean and easy to use and the pages it renders look pretty sharp. You get the feeling that you're part of some sort of elite music library, even though you're absolutely not in any way.

The alternative,, is frightening and the administration interface is full of confusing text ads that get in your way for the first while. Also, forces visitors to log in to listen to your music, which is a big fat hassle. And when you're on, you get the feeling that you're in some sort of musicians-only ghetto, which you are.

If you know of any other decent alternatives and for some reason you're reading this, drop me a line at