Brad Sucks

So the site was down over the weekend because apparently I'm a huge idiot. Despite being a l33t net veteran web programmer cool dude, I managed to assume that my registrar would remind me that my domain was about to expire (other registrars for my other domains always have), but instead they only sent me an e-mail a week and a half after it had expired for some reason. My bad for assuming they'd compensate for my laziness. I have received my nerd demerit points and set my Palm Pilot to remind me next year. I have a couple of songs almost ready to go online -- I'm just waiting for the planets to align in such a way that gives me some time and relative quiet for recording. There is sawing and hammering and nail gunning going on one floor above me. If it goes on much longer, I may wind up going in a more experimental direction. I could record ten minutes of the noise, title it Construction/Deconstruction in the Key of Hate (Crickets, Faint Talking and Footsteps in the Background Remix), MP3 it, slap it online and call it a day.