Acid 404

I bet you are all still in deep suspense about my Acid 4 cliffhanger the other week. What happened? Is it the greatest thing ever? What's going on? Well, I've been kind of let down, but I'm not sure by who. I installed Acid 4 and it seems to work. But there's a big stupid delay whenever I start or stop playback, which makes it a little cumbersome to zip around at the speed I'm accustomed to.

After having no luck playing with any of the settings in Acid or my sound card, I looked around the Acid forums and some people seem to be anticipating a patch for Acid 4 quite a lot. Sometimes in poem form:

Trust in SOFO to bring us the light, a new child is born out of the ashes of version 4.0, 4.0a brought to life by the spirit of SOFO brings us relief from all the pain and darkness, when will this tidal wave hit and drown us in fulfillment and joy ? when will it finally see the day ?

Joyfully awaiting 4.0a, i gratefully thank the SOFO team for this achievement.

I also checked with my awful, awful sound card manufacturer's web page and they have nothing to say about driver revisions or anything awesome like that.

This sort of thing happens a lot in computer music stuff. It usually means you need to buy something.