Over the weekend I updated my page on so that I could receive more spam from them. The songs are still awaiting approval. The only noteworthy part of the whole process was my retarded difficulty with the genre options I was given. I don't like to be a wuss about categorizing my stuff. I realize labels make things easier for people, so I'm okay with that. I have a bit of difficulty deciding where my stuff fits even when I can make up my own genre names or cobble two or three together.

While adding it on, I was trying to categorize my song “Overreacting”, which in my head I think of as some sort of funny/sad ballad kind of thing. It has a guitar solo in it too, complicating matters a bit. Okay, I'll put it down as a “ballad”, I think.

But there's no category for 'ballad'. There's nothing even remotely sad, except maybe under the Easy Listening category (Mood Music? Love Songs?). I could re-do it with acoustic guitars and put it under Folk, maybe. Hmm.

So I'm thinking this over, wondering where all the other soft piano-y (sort of) songs go and I scroll down to the Metal category and see these listed:

Metal – Alternative Metal, Black Metal, Dark Ambient/Noise, Death Metal, Doom/Stoner Metal, Gothic Metal, Grindcore, Heavy Metal, Industrial Metal, Instrumental Metal, Metal Cover Songs, Metalcore, Nu-Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Rapcore, Spiritual Metal / Christian Metal, Thrash/Speed Metal.

Jesus Christ, man! I enjoy metal as much as the next jerk, but save some genre names for the rest of us, guys. I'm just trying to find somewhere to put my gay piano song over here.