Tonight, sick with a cold, I'm mulling over the idea of getting a Primesounds account. I had been thinking about blowing some money on sample CDs lately so I can have royalty free ill fresh drum sounds at my disposal for whenever I want to be a lame whiteboy hip hopper, but I'm afraid of spending $150 Canadian on a CD and it being garbage.

Primesounds offers a huge amount of samples and loops for download. A yearly subscription costs $150 US, which is a little under the price of two sample CDs. I've run through the library a bit and previewed some loops and liked a kit if them.

I may get one of the Megabyte accounts and give it a shot. $15 for 50 MB downloads, $50 for 300 MB, with various flavors in between.

Still, the idea of robbing someone with a lot of sample CDs does seem more awesome somehow.