Brad Sucks Answering Mail

Hey Brad,I've spent some time on your site and had a good read. Im looking at setting up a similar sort of studio but am unsure of thec omponants that i will need to get my up and running. I also have come to the conclussion that the event 20/20bas are the way to go and i am tossing up between them and the behringer truth b2031 monitors. Any advise?

if you could help me at all with info on your setup etc i would appreciate it. adam

Hi adam,

The main components of my setup are my Echo Darla24 sound card, my Mackie 1202-VLZ mixing board and my Event 20/20bas monitors. Everything else I have -- guitars and microphones and so on -- plug in to the Mackie and get recorded by the Darla24 and played back through the mixing board and on the monitors. It's pretty simple and straightforward, but it took a while to figure out.

I'm unfortunately not much help on deciding between monitors as the Events are the first pair I've ever had a chance to use extensively. When I was shopping for monitors I did look into the Behringers a bit, but the hype was better on the Events. I'm very, very happy with them and would haphazardly recommend them to anyone with a similar low rent home studio type set up.

Hope this helps.