Il Programma Di Religione

I got an email yesterday asking me if I wanted to participate in a compilation called "Il Programma Di Religione" at The compilation is 265 songs about Popes that are less than or equal to (<=) 15 seconds in length. It seemed like an interesting challenge; I've never tried to write a 15 second song before. I asked if I was going to be assigned a Pope or if I choose a Pope or what the deal was with the Pope selection. I was told that I just submit some music and they name it after a Pope and that most of the songs don't have lyrics.

Because I am a total jerk to myself, I immediately decided I wanted to make something with lyrics, that would apply to almost any Pope and, as another added challenge: be kind of sad and reflective.

You can check out my 15 second Pope Song right here baby. I recommend looping it until it gets on your nerves. It goes by pretty quick.

It was really difficult trying to cram everything I wanted in to 15 seconds and I wound up chopping the original ending off and cranking the speed up by about 30bpm in the end. But oh well. I'm not sure when the compilation will come out, but dammit there'll be some Brad Sucks on it when it does.