Angry for Science

I officially concede defeat in my battle of mythic proportions against ASIO drivers. All I wanted is to shave a healthy 20ms latency off my VSTi usage and not have my audio be a world of random crashing and clicking -- is that really so much to ask? The answer, I now know, is totally yes definitely that was way too much to ask, Brad you ass. I wrote a nice email to Echo Audio support over a week ago and they haven't replied. Yet, I must note bitterly, their sales team is super quick when it comes to responding to my questions about where I might buy a Mia.

I'd even be happy if tech support would just write and say "Sorry, your card is a few years old and will always work like ass. Honestly, you got kind of hosed there. You win some you lose some. Please buy this new one from us and it will be fine." I would respect that and I'd do what they said. Because I am their monkey bitch puppet.

But no, nothing. Silence. Possibly, if you listen the right way, mocking silence; which I'm sure you'll agree is totally way worse.