The right channel on my mixing board has been wacky for a couple of months now. Whenever I turned it off for a while and then turned it back on, the right channel wouldn't work. After leaving it on for a while and playing at loud volumes it would eventually come back. I decided to never turn my mixing board off again.

This worked well until yesterday when the power company replaced three hydro poles outside. The power went off for an hour and a half and since it came back my mixing board has been much worse than before, cutting out randomly no matter what I do. That is what we call lame.

It would probably cost about $150 Canadian to get it repaired and I'd have to ship it to Montreal and the knobs are all wearing out too and bleah, and it would cost $500+ for a new one. Or I could go with one of these small Behringer Eurorack things (or any one of the other models, I'm not sure which ones right for me).

Or I don't know what. I feel I am at a crossroads. A very stupid crossroads.