Boris Brott

On Saturday I went to a show at the National Arts Center where my girlfriend was narrating an Inuit story with an orchestra. It was very cool and the show on world music was extremely entertaining and interesting. It was intended for kids so it was very accessible and I enjoyed it a lot. After the show, I went backstage and met and shook the hand of conductor Boris Brott. Even in the brief time I met him, he was ridiculously charismatic and energetic and friendly. I'm pretty sure he could easily have gotten me to join some sort of cult but thankfully either he was too busy or I wasn't quite up to snuff for cult membership.

If there had been more time I was going to ask him some questions about pop music. Apparently my girlfriend has his email address so I may still get a chance. I've never had the opportunity to ask someone so tremendously musically trained, talented and respected what the hell the deal is with songs like Nelly's "Hot in Here" and why music theorists can't just crank out top 40 stuff like nobody's business. We'll see.