Crash Retrospective

Well, I can't remember what entries I lost on this here weblog during the hard drive crash, so here are a few points of interest: 1. I bought a Shure SM57 microphone. So far I'm pretty happy with it. I was told it would be louder than my SM48 but I haven't noticed a significant difference. Anyhow, I like owning the industry standard all-purpose dynamic microphone. I'm now giving some thought to maybe buying a nice-ish pre-amp.

2. My Cubase SX Complete book arrived in the mail. Despite some nervousness about buying a book from the author and rather than from a faceless online store like Amazon, I've been pleasantly surprised. Shipping was real quick, billing was easy (through Paypal) and the book is excellent so far. I'm about two thirds through it and am hoping to finish it off this weekend. So far it's vastly superior to Cubase SX Power, the other Cubase book I bought a while back. I almost don't want it to end because I feel like I'm learning so many awesome things.

3. Work slowly progresses on my little album thingy. Trying to spiff up my old tracks may eventually drive me frigging crazy.

4. Sumday, the new Grandaddy album, is fantastic.