What I've Been Up To

I have been busy and tired and annoyed. My modem, which half blew up a month ago, blew up the rest of the way this morning. It seems like every time I leave here and come back, something is a little bit more broken. I'm beginning to suspect people are breaking in here and using my stuff just a little bit too hard. I've been trying to put my little album compilation together, which has been about 50/50 good experience and neurotic waste of time experience.

I had a three day addiction to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City which is now thankfully over.

I've been reworking the forums on Stripcreator to deal with community issues. The forums really get only a fraction of the traffic compared to the rest of Stripcreator and yet they are a million times more annoying to maintain.

I keep almost posting things here, but they're all links stolen from Scott Andrew.