Courtney Signs with Virgin

Courtney Love signs with Virgin. This is kinda interesting because of Courtney's sorta famous 2000 speech re: the music biz. A clip:

In the same speech, you said, "We don't have to work with major labels anymore, because the digital economy is creating new ways to distribute and market music." Did you think about offering your music solely on a digital basis, and, why, ultimately, did you decide to go the most traditional route possible?

When I made that speech in 2000, there were a lot of people worth a lot of money who wanted to change the music business. In the end, though, no one had a business model that made any sense to me. I wasn't going to fund my album by making a deal with someone who had no idea how to distribute music to fans. If someone had made a real effort to sell music online (by the song or by the album), maybe those opportunities wouldn't have been blown. Most every one of my Internet friends either went bust in the crash or bought sports teams. For whatever reason, none of those ideas worked out.

She also comments on iTunes.