I've been using a piece of software called GT-Manager to manage the patches on my Boss GT-6. Following is the story about how I tried to buy a copy of it and it has all (so far) gone retardedly wrong. The other night the software stops working, the evaluation period expired. During the evaluation period I couldn't save, once it was up I couldn't even trigger patches from it anymore. This happened in the middle of recording and was a hassle and I decided that I should register the program finally and get it over with.

I head over to the website and I find out that it's $30 US to register. No problem. I order it through Kagi. At the end of the process it says it's going to forward me to another page where I can generate a key to register my software. Apparently it was supposed to open in another window and my popup blocker ate it. I viewed the source, tried to get at the page manually but that didn't work. I tried to reload the page, but then I guess because it was a secure connection, it had expired and was gone forever.

So there I am $30 poorer and with no registration key for GT-Manager. I immediately send an email to the company explaining what had happened and gave them my product ID number (the number that your unlock code corresponds to).

No response comes right away. In the meanwhile I am frustrated by not being able to use GT-Manager when I need it, especially since I just put money down for it. I remove the program from my system, registry keys and all and reinstall, which puts me back in evaluation mode so at least I can trigger patches from it again.

Days pass with no reply. I finally am wondering if maybe the author has died and I should see about getting my money back. I send an email to Kagi and the author saying that I hadn't received my registration key from the company and wasn't sure what to do.

Right away the author of the program wrote back, apologized saying he was out of town on business for the past couple of days and gave me my unlock code. I punch it in and it doesn't work.

Turns out that the product ID changed when I reinstalled the evaluation version. So now I am an idiot and need a second unlock code. I write back to the author explaining my situation and give him the new product ID. It's been a day now and I'm wondering if I'll get a reply at all. Seems likely he'd think I'm trying to rip him off and get two unlock codes for the price of one. And I have no way to prove otherwise.

It's a very stupid situation. I should have disabled my popup blocker (I generally do when ordering things), and I should have known that the product ID was in the registry and thought about it before I got impatient and started fussing around. I think I assumed it was machine specific instead of installation specific, if I thought about it at all.

All in all, a pretty weak experience. The idea has occurred to me to try to set my product ID number back to what it was so that I can use the key I was given, but I really don't want to screw around with it anymore until I hear back in case I screw up the ID again. If he's kind enough to give me a second key I really don't think I'd be able to find the nerve within myself to ask for a third.