Authenticity in Music

Milli Vanilli and the Scapegoating of the Inauthentic (via Anil Dash):

To classify some qualities as 'talents' and others as 'superficial' may work for judging friends, but they have nothing to do with the play of images that makes up the art of mass culture.

It's an article that says some interesting things but also goes off into weirdness in other parts. Possibly I am too drunk process it at the moment, but it seems to go off on a rant about how Milli Vanilli were taken down because they seemed gay.

Being a studio musician guy, I'm often puzzled by people demanding authenticity in music and entertainment. It's like people demanding that all paintings be accurate portraits of real things. That would be boring. Usually people want entertainment to be jazzed up versions of reality. I don't see anything wrong with that.

Despite any studio trickery I may try to engage in, I would like to state for the record that I am 100% legit.