To Die

I forgot to mention that is going tits up. I know a lot of people are going to be out of hosting and that sucks. The writing has been on the wall for the past few years, but it's still too bad. This all reminds me that I do deeply wish someone would get their act together and try to provide an service that actually tries to point out the good independent stuff out there. There is a severe lack of filters on the net, which is great for artistic freedom but bad for people looking to listen to some good indie music.

I've been doing a lot of interviews for Outside the Inbox lately and the subject often turns to the home recorder/indie thing. I usually point them to Songfight or to check out the scene.

Both of those sites are cool, but Songfight isn't really ideal as an introduction for a casual music listener. Somesongs probably does a better job at pointing out good music than ever did. The voting is a little zany though and I could see a more elitist editor/reviewer system possibly being more effective.

Seems to me there would be something in an mixed with Pitchfork Media type service. I occasionally get the motivation to start one, but I'd probably have to give up making music to find the time.