Expensive Music

Oh man, I wish I had thought of this. Instead of trying to undercut everybody by selling her CDs at almost cost, Marissa Marchant is charging more than everyone:

4 album set available for $2000.00 and $1000.00 for one cd. This is how much music should be worth, if there is talent there. They are cheapening music and talent, by selling it like it is fried chicken at kfc. I am not one dimentional. I am a singer, arranger, producer, and multi instruemntalist."

That's totally brilliant! As an indie, selling my stuff for $5 and giving away the MP3s, I have to practically BEG people to put it on Kazaa and swap it around to their friends. If I were to jack the price up to say... a MILLION DOLLARS A SONG (since along with all her many credits I also do the recording, engineering, computer tech work, mixing and mastering for my stuff), maybe people would get more of a thrill out of stealing my tracks. (via J-Walk)