Left Handed Guitar Woe

So for a while now I've been thinking about buying a sexy new guitar. I'm not much of a guitar nerd, but after seeing the band Saturday Looks Good To Me perform months ago I decided (without knowing what one is) that I wanted a hollow body guitar. Something that's a little bit cool and a little bit retarded. After vaguely describing what I desired, my good buddies on the Songfight IRC channel pointed me to the Ibanez Artcore AFS75T:

So I am all ready with my money and my desire for the new hotness guitar. Should be a pretty simple process after this, but I play guitar left handed.

Here are the two main ways this is annoying:

1. I can't find a store around here where I can try one of these guitars out. 2. It's not clear whether a left handed version of this guitar actually exists.

And if we were to ever get past those two, there would be:

3. The left handed guitar is probably more expensive than the right handed.

So it's looking pretty bleak for the left-handed guitar lust.