Lola and Leon Vocaloid Released

Virtual vocalist Vocaloid is now available in LEON and LOLA flavors. You can check out some demos here. I've been paying attention to this for a while out of curiosity and I have to say the final demos are a bit of a letdown. Sounds all computery and fake to me. The original Japanese demo I heard long ago struck me as far more impressive. These just sound like maybe a slightly nicer version of generated speech stuff (like this stuff) with probably some nice control. (Also keep in mind that example #2 'Little Bird' is sung by a real singer with Vocaloid backing vocals.)

I of course wouldn't mind playing with it, there's probably neat unnatural stuff to be done with it. But the hype I had been reading was all "OH MY GOSH HUMAN SINGERS ARE GOING TO BE REPLACED!!11" and it's just not even close. Also it's $330 US.