Pepsi iTunes Ad

Scott pointed out this Pepsi iTunes ad and it got an honest to god out-loud laugh out of me. The bouncy music combined with shots of gloomy, innocent looking kids with the words "INCRIMINATED", "ACCUSED", "BUSTED" and "CHARGED" in front of them was just priceless. Like this kid:

That shot there, in my mind, is the emotional equivalent of putting a cute little puppy up on the screen and writing "KICKED" beside it. Also: how great is it that we incriminate our eight year olds over downloading music his parents probably insist isn't real music. I'm just free-associating here now, I'm afraid.

I think Coke should sponsor Kazaa and we could have hilarious commercial wars. Let's settle this whole file sharing dispute as the Lord intended: IN THE COLA ARENA. (Which is the one right before the battery arena.)