Song Software

There's been a lot of buzz about song analysis software lately, but this is the first one I've seen that actually mentions a song. Hit Song Science Scores A Hit On First Attempt – Anastacia's Left Outside Alone:

"HSS takes a song that sounds like it might be a hit and makes sure it can be one. With finely tuned adjustments in the mix we can ensure it has the optimal mathematical patterns for maximum market performance," said Wake who has been using the new HSS technology in his studio for several months. "With that base covered, the odds of success are tremendous."

Sounds like they're talking about it analyzing more mix-related stuff rather than the actual songwriting and performance itself. I'm not sure if I buy that minor adjustments in the mix can turn something from being a dud into a hit, though I can definitely see how it might make label execs feel like the song is 100% perfect and ready to have lots of money invested in it.