News roundup

I've been kinda out of the loop for a while because the Internet has been filled with lies, so here is some possibly totally old news: Metafilter had the best discussion on the anniversary of Kurt Cobain's suicide, in that it seems to cover every possible reaction pretty neatly. What's interesting to me is how most people who are vocal one way or another about the subject tend to be reacting more to his style and image more than the actual music.

Bob Dylan appears in a television commercial for Victoria's Secret. Various people are shocked and upset about this, feeling he has betrayed his public image. I read an interview with Dylan in a book called Songwriters on Songwriting a month or two ago and he was a total weirdo space cadet and I don't seem to be able to take anything he does seriously.

Prince signs with Sony. Selling out twice is the new selling out once.

Paul Anka swearing at his band. "Don't make a fucking maniac out of me!" is my new slogan and if I ever have a band, I will say it to them often.