All Songs Considered

Scott (who once again is just a plum nice guy) noticed this on NPR's All Songs Considered:

You Play DJ: Got a favorite band nobody's heard of - something you'd love people to know about? Send us an email ( with your favorite unknown artist. Include a CD and song title and a bit about why you love them. We'll compile the best submissions and post them on the Web site.

And Scott says this:

It'd be pretty cool to get some Magnatune artists on this list. I call upon the fearsome distributed power of the Web to push Brad and Williamson into the front ranks. Excelsior!

Thanks for the plug, Scott. I would graciously accept any promoting anyone would like to do on my behalf. I am 100% not too proud to accept it. Feel free to direct link to any of my songs in your emails to NPR as well if you think it'll help your case.