Making Me Nervous Source

Last week I decided because everyone seems to be into mash-ups and remixing all of a sudden that I'd start releasing the source for my album I Don't Know What I'm Doing and see what happens. I had been offering the source files on CD for $5 for a couple of years in my FAQ but people didn't seem too interested in that. I always thought it was a pretty cool and cutting edge idea that never got much attention, but it was an idea I had back when I was on dialup and bandwidth was less plentiful so it wasn't as convenient as it could have been for potential remixers.

I'm not sure what the interval will be on releasing these source files. Basically if interesting things happen with the source I'll be eager to chop up more of the songs and put them online. If nothing happens, I'll probably lose interest. We'll see how it goes.

Here are the source files for my song Making Me Nervous. I'd like to post as many remixes/whatever as I can here, so please let me know if you do anything cool! Thanks!