Movable Type 3

I've been using Movable Type for a while and all this hysteria over Movable Type 3.0's new pricing plan is pretty interesting. There's a very deep negative reaction going on and it's hard to tell if it's due to people not wanting to pay one cent for software or if Six Apart made a whole bunch of bad decisions. Personally I think there was probably a way they could have rolled this all out without ruffling as many feathers. I'm not too worked up about it though and I hope Six Apart does well, Movable Type has been extremely helpful to me. That being said, I've been checking out a lot of the alternatives people have been talking about. So far WordPress seems the most interesting with the main features for me being that it's in PHP (which I am decent at) and there's no rebuilding (which is really slow in MT). Not to mention that I joined the WordPress IRC channel and they knew who I was:

* Now talking in #wordpress
* Topic is 'WordPress: || Latest: 1.0.2 Blakey || Beta: 1.2-epsilon-RC1 || Code is Poetry. || Warning: channel logged'
* Set by crw on Sat May 15 02:43:58
<pressbot> Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome bradsucks, im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret
<Jesuit> LaughingLizard: thanks
<michel_v> hey bradsucks
<bradsucks> howdy
<michel_v> bradsucks: I loved Outside the Inbox :)
<Jesuit> you're making me nervous is a great song

So like I basically have to switch now. Maybe once my net connection stops going out every five minutes I'll get a chance to take a crack at it.