Voice Processor

So I'm thinking about getting one of these suckers for my impending live shows:

It's a DigiTech Vocal 300 Vocal Effects Processor Pedalboard. It seems pretty fun and would let me jazz up my stupid voice a bit, but it appears to totally lack decent patch management. There's no way to copy patches, there's no way to import or export them to a computer, and you can only scroll up and down through the patches.

For a live show this seems pretty limiting and difficult. "Oh man, my verse effect is on patch 1 and my chorus effect is on patch 20, best get stompin'". And if I want to move my patch 20 to patch 2, I have to re-enter the patch manually as there's no copy patch function. STUPID.

For $100 more I could get the newer DigiTech VX400 Modeling Vocal Processor with USB which has a copying function and some more effects, but also has a drum machine and two-way USB audio interface and a bunch of other crazy crap I don't need.

I looked around for alternatives but there doesn't seem to be anything worthwhile. I wish Boss would do a voice version of the GT6, with the awesome bank/patch selection, MIDI patch management and more foot pedals. But it looks like if I want to sing all my songs sounding like a chipmunk or a space alien or a monster, the DigiTechs are my only choice.