Kazooka, Electric Kazoo

I've been working away on my one-man live show. Full recorded rehearsal/run-through at a real live venue is this weekend. Hopefully it will go OK and I won't just flat-out die. I've been looking around for a lead instrument I could play with my mouth while playing guitar. I'm no good at harmonica and I wanted something that just gave a simple tone that I could process. I've been trying to make the kazoo work for me with mixed results. It's been a pain trying to set up a decent mic setup.

But today a friend of mine found the Kazooka electric kazoo on eBay:

kazooka, electric kazoo

It's a kazoo with a pickup in it that you can just plug straight into any old guitar pedals or effects processors. You can listen to demos here, it's pretty awesome. I ordered one for $14 and I'm looking forward to getting it. Seems unlikely I'll have it by the weekend though so I'll just have to pretend I guess, pawing sadly at the air where my super awesome kazooka should be.