All-In-One Scratch Rig

This Vestax QFO Q-Bert Designed DJ Turntable looks pretty awesome:

For scratch DJ's and turntablists, the VESTAX QFO is the ultimate go-anywhere, try anything, all in one DJ tool. Not only is it an extremely powerful turntable but it is also a full battle-worthy, 2 channel dj mixer with all of the professional features you would expect from a Vestax Mixer. The Vestax QFO is a radical new tool for performance DJ's who are looking for a lot more creative options and who want to own the most advanced DJ workstation available in the world. With the QFO, DJ's will be able to take what DJ Qbert has started and revolutionize the Scratch DJ and Turntablist scenes.

Saves you the hassle (and hopefully cost, once the price is announced) of buying a turntable AND a mixer to get up and scratching.