The Lost Tapes

Jello Biafra One of my favorite albums as a teenager was In God We Trust Inc. by the Dead Kennedys so I was pretty jazzed when I heard about the The Lost Tapes DVD. I had a chance to watch it last week and it was pretty fascinating. The story goes that the original recording session for In God We Trust Inc. on June 19th, 1981 was lost due to defective tape. They re-recorded the album some time later and that's what actually made it onto the In God We Trust Inc I know and love. They have since rescued a lot of the recordings from the defective tape and from other sources and were video taping the recording session at the time. So this is a pretty good look at what it was like to be in the studio with the Dead Kennedys.

The songs sound more or less identical to the album versions and it's pretty strange to watch the process of recording one of my favorite albums.

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