I am an MSN Search Champ

Well holy lord I survived a trip to Seattle to have a look at Microsoft's new ultra mega super secret (x 2) search engine. They didn't kill me or nothin'. I am now officially an MSN Search Champ, which I have always felt in my heart to be the case. I had a great time. I got to hang out with a ton of interesting people as well as see and drink a lot of really interesting stuff. I want to list everybody I met and formed eternal bonds with but I'm afraid I'll forget somebody and be an ass.

I'm too tired to write much about the search stuff and also it has very little to do with rocking out. From the few blogs of people I met I've checked out, Elizabeth Lawley, Chris Pirillo and the brilliant David Weinberger are writing stuff on it if you're interested. Also David wrote some pretty awesomely nice things about me here. Now I am totally ordering the Cluetrain Manifesto, perhaps that was his plan all along.

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