Brad Sucks Remix Album I

So with Sick as a Dog, I'm half done releasing the source for my album I Don't Know What I'm Doing. I've gotten a lot of remixes and I want to release a compilation album of my favorites so far to show off a lot of the great work that's been done. This would hopefully be followed later by a second part with remixes of the rest of the songs if remixer interest keeps up. The plan is to offer the remix album for free download on the net and I'll also burn and mail copies to those who want them for $5 including shipping like I've done with Outside the Inbox and my album.

There's still time to get your mixes in if you're interested in being on this thing. Send them to me. I can tell you now that I'm probably not going to pick too many songs that stick closely to the original songs' structures. I want this album to be significantly different than mine.

Over the next while I'll start sorting through the mixes and getting in touch with the remixers to make sure they're cool with being on the compilation. Also thinking of a catchy title is of top priority as well.

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