Google Suggest Poetry

I've been thinking about making a lyric/poetry generator from Google Suggest by stringing together its suggestions. For instance, enter a first phrase like "back in the ", it autocompletes to "back in the saddle". Take the last word and enter "saddle ", first result is "saddle club", last word "club ", etc. Following that example a few times you get:

back in the saddle club med line 6 second abs cbn news of the world of warcraft 3 mobile phones 4 u haul master card games online dictionary

Which until it gets stuck on "online dictionary" forever is obviously pretty moving and great pop poetry, fit for immediate publication. You could randomize the suggestion selection and formatting to mix things up a bit.

Here's another:

i am an idiot savant syndrome x factor v leiden university of washington post office depot america west wing nuts and bolts and nuts and bolts and nuts and bolts and nuts and bolts and nuts and bolts

Brad Turcottemisc