Apple Announcements

The new Apple announcements made today are pretty interesting for us stingy PC users. The iPod shuffle is a 512mb-1GB Flash-based iPod for $99-$150. As a musician I'm of course excited about how many more consumers this will get into the iTunes music store so they can buy my album. As a consumer I uh want one. The Mac mini looks super cool. A tiny (6.5 inches wide / 2 inches tall) 1.25GHz G4 Mac priced at $500. Doesn't come with monitor, mouse or keyboard, which is fine. Engadget claims the lack of audio in is a big deal, but I can't see how it is. You may not be able to use your crappy $10 microphones with it, but with USB and Firewire you can use all sorts of audio devices ranging from consumer to professional.

Very sassy moves by Apple all around. I'm curious to read about how easily that Mac can be turned into a tiny recording studio.

Brad Turcottegear, tech