The Most Expensive Guitar

Martin-d45I went looking for the most expensive new and non-limited edition guitar that I could find tonight. Looks like the winner is the CF Martin D-45 V Dreadnaught Vintage Series Acoustic Guitar with a list price of $9,599.00. Sam Ash generously offers a 25% discount however, so you can get it for the low low price of $7,199.99. It gets a pretty good rating on Harmony Central, but I think just spending that amount of money on a guitar would compel me to give it a 10.

If you’re willing to include limited editions, the Martin D100 Deluxe, signed by Martin Chairman Martin IV is a uh bargain at $96,000.

>La VeneziaUpdate: Looks like Eric was right and I was pretty far off. A guitar called La Venezia lists at $26,250 and the most expensive I’ve found it for is $21,000 here.


Brad Turcottegear