World of Warcraft update

Human_running-1.jpgA few people have asked me about how World of Warcraft is going. Well, I quit playing it. I got about three or four weeks of nicely addicted fun out of it where I needed to play it every chance I possibly could, but then it wore me out and I never logged back in. I didn't make a decision about it, there was no particular angry quitting moment. I just got tired. Here's my boring story: Let me tell you something about World of Warcraft: there's too much running. Seriously, there should be an in-game counter of the sheer number of hours you put in jogging from one destination to another like a chump, it would be startling. I start a quest and it's all "hey, run down the coast for 30 minutes" and then I get there and someone gives me a quest saying "hey, run on back up to where you started". Even sitting on my ass at my desk it made me tired.

I also understand that most of the fun of the game comes from having a good group of people to play with, but I couldn't keep up with the majority of players I met. They were willing to put many, many hours a day into the game whereas I had about two maximum, so it was a little hard to keep in sync.

So I made it up to around level 26, but my isolation combined with my hatred for retardedly jogging around a virtual world has bored and annoyed me out of it. There were certainly a lot of neat things in there and fun was definitely had, but as I ran around I felt the game designers were purposefully rubbing my face in the fact that I was wasting my life and money by playing this game. At least try to conceal that from me, guys. It's really all I ask from a video game.

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