Gruesome road stories

The gig on Saturday night went all right, the roads were snowy as hell and not too many people were there, but it was a nice second full-length show despite all our colds. Thanks to the folks that did come out and said kind things. I broke my A string on the second last song ("We're Not Friends") and decided not to play guitar for the finale (a cover of "Search and Destroy" by The Stooges) instead of re-stringing for one song. Then while I sang without playing my hands got bored and I pulled on the broken A string and I guess cut my finger open and I saw a pretty decent amount of blood coming out of my hand.

Anyway, it was probably the most rock and roll thing in the history of me and it all ended when I was given a band-aid after the show. I'm sure Iggy Pop would have done the same.

Brad Turcottegigs