Laptop arrives

Got my new laptop today. I forgot to blog about it but a better deal actually went on the day after I ordered my Inspiron 6000 so I upgraded to the Inspiron 6400 (which is duo-core, twice as much memory, 20gb more drive space) instead. I got it today, opened the box and this was staring at me from the bag the laptop was in:

warning close-up

Still trying to decide on a Firewire audio interface. The Presonus Firepod would be great but seems like overkill for what I need. The Firebox might be more my style. This MOTU Ultralite is very nice looking but pricey and I'm laptop-poor now. But then I think about how M-Audio has been so good for drivers compared to my horrifying Echo experiences in the past. Then I think maybe it'd be cool to put this bag over my head.

Brad Turcottegear