What Happened To Dynamic Range

What Happened To Dynamic Range is an article that's been making the rounds lately. Bob doesn't give any examples of modern bands or recordings that he's talking about so it's hard to make much of his opinions. And it's hard not to blow off the entire article after this statement:

The music available today isn't musical at all.  It's best described as anti-music.  It's anti-music because the life is being squashed out of it through over compression during the tracking, mixing, and mastering stages.  It's simply, non musical. It's no wonder that consumers don't want to pay for the CDs being produced today.

Beep beep cranky old man alert. The music you kids listen to isn't music. There are certainly a lot of styles these days that leave me cold (such as the alterna boy-rock super compressed pitch-corrected and computer harmonised stuff), but I'm also heading into being a cranky old man myself.

I was going to pass this article by and not mention it at all except that I've been listening to a lot of albums from the 70s lately and almost across the board I wish they were mixed and mastered more aggressively. Led Zeppelin sounds kind of weak when it should be knocking my head off when it rocks out. I'm listening to Dancing Days here right now and want to run the whole thing through iZotope Ozone and crank it to the max. In particular, the re-master of Fun House kicks so much more ass than the original.

Brad Turcotterecording