Web design contest

I've been wanting a nicer design for this site for a while. I'm okay with the navigation and coding, but I'm basically colorblind and have little time to fight with it anymore. So I'm trying out another pay-for-design contest. I've posted a $100 contest for a new blog header incorporating my new logo and some sort of sexier color scheme on Sitepoint. The contest runs until April 7th.

Sitepoint's contests work differently than Worth1000. You pay $10 to post a contest and then it's kinda free-form. You're encouraged to give feedback and request changes as entries are posted (in fact I think they close your contest if you don't post anything.)

Also I don't think you have to choose a winner if you don't like anything that was entered. So it seems like a good deal. They have logo contests as well which might be of interest to you guys.

Anyway, if you're a into design feel free to enter or contact me privately or something. And in the meantime I will not be looking at color wheels or trying to determine what the sexiest shade of grey is.

Brad Turcottemisc