Hardware followups

More notes from the blunderground:

  • craig lets me know that even buying a 6-pin pcmcia firewire card for my laptop won't let me go power adapter-free. the pcmcia firewire cards need external power instead of being powered off the laptop. LAAAME
  • justin tells me i can buy 6 to 4 pin firewire cables. so at least i don't have to buy a stupid adapter. still buying additional crap though
  • justin agrees that the -6db clipping is weird. this alleviates my loneliness somewhat, i resume daily functioning.
  • i emailed presonus support about the -6db clipping issue. i was told a year ago that they're "big fans" of mine. we'll see if i can ruin that with my inept complaining and unrealistic demands


Brad Turcottegear, tech