Google Bookmarks

I've been getting annoyed at ever since it was bought by Yahoo! My reasons are nerdy. Tag intersections don't work well anymore which constantly bones me when I'm looking for something, it's slow as hell and the number one thing I've found having used it for a while and racked up around 550 bookmarks in there: I often forget I bookmarked things. For a while I've wished my bookmarks were more in my face. That I'd get reminded of what I had seen before when I was looking for something. Which leads me to tonight when I was playing around with Google Bookmarks. At some point I realized the absolute killer feature would be having my tagged and annotated bookmarks integrated with regular Google search results. When's the best time to remind me what I bookmarked? When I'm searching for stuff on Google. I did a search for something I had bookmarked and HOLY CRAP:

google bookmark

It shows my tags and annotation underneath the link in the regular search results. That's awesome! So now when I'm searching Google for things I can instantly see what I've bookmarked before. I used Your Web to import all my bookmarks and grabbed the Google Bookmarks Button extension for Firefox.

Google Bookmarks has a seriously primitive interface, no social sharing (I'd like my bookmarks to be public), the Firefox Google toolbar doesn't support it yet and Google seems to barely acknowledge its existence, but this search results integration alone combined with knowing their servers will be nice and responsive I think has sold me on it.

Update: okay so the interface for Google Bookmarks REALLY BLOWS. I can't type in the tag I want to jump to anywhere, so I have to click on my tags. I have a billion of them of course so that means scrolling up and down the screen like an idiot. Now I'm thinking about some way to sync Google Bookmarks and together...