Google notebook

I want to love Google Notebook but it's not doing it for me. The best part is the little browser plugin. It's awesome and functional but makes me annoyed that the other Google services don't use something like this to make them quicker to use. I can manipulate my Google Notebook without manually logging in, but I can't do that for my Gmail or Google Calendar? Lame. And I'm really kind of lost as to what to use the Google Notebook for. For serious info-hoarders the lack of tagging is hard to overlook. Sure I can cram all my little snippets of text into "notebooks", but how am I any better organized than jamming that stuff into a text file (or a blog if I care about accessing it via the net)? And once we get over 10 or so snippets, it gets rough to find what I want. Very weird choice.

Brad Turcottereview, tech